McBarge kickoff event

Join us as we kick off our journey to transform the McBarge, left unused for 30 years after Expo 86, into an exciting new BC attraction!

A colossal 187-foot long barge, the McBarge was built for Expo '86 in Vancouver to serve as one of the world's few floating McDonald's restaurants. The last of its kind, the McBarge floated unused for over 3 decades.

Did you ever wonder what happened to the McBarge? Have you ever wanted to get a chance to visit? Join us Saturday Oct. 21st in Maple Ridge at our Barge Warming Party as the McBarge hosts its first guests since Expo ’86!   Come meet the team behind the New McBarge, take the tour and learn about the Deep Discovery Centre and a planned crowdfunding campaign to help make it happen.

The event will feature presentations, a tour of the McBarge and a showcase of amazing deep sea diving vessels and equipment invented by undersea tech giant Phil Nuyyten of Nuytco Research. You can also go on an adventure of your own (though on the surface, and not under water) on a jet boat with Fraser River Safari with our Adventurer's Package! A limited number will be sold at general admission price as an Early Bird Special. There will also be Coastal First Nations art, artifacts, food trucks and much more!

The McBarge's transformation is now underway. Come witness history in action!

Volunteer opportunities available here!
PLEASE NOTE: This is a working industrial yard with heavy equipment. There is no access prior to or after the event! The McBarge is also in a state of repair. Dangerous areas and objects have been roped off for your safety, but guests are advised to be aware of their surroundings and not to venture off the main areas. We are not liable for any injuries or lost property on site.