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The McBarge, officially named the Friendship 500, was a McDonald's restaurant, built on a 187-foot long barge for Expo '86 in Vancouver, Canada. The legendary McBarge served up to 1,400 people in one sitting. Built at a cost in today’s dollars of $26 million, it featured staff in sailor’s uniforms, a dining room with panoramic views of Vancouver, and a hidden kitchen.

McBarge then sat mostly idle for almost 30 years!
Once a showcase of new technology and architecture, our unique story created many media stories and followers.
At long last a NEW McBarge is now in sight. With your help, a transformation into a star B.C. attraction that will draw the crowds of yesteryear once again.  

Abandoned? The video below has been viewed over 2 million times….No, not abandoned; just in hibernation.
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Expo 86

The McBarge was always packed at this World Exposition that drew 22 million visitors from May to October.  More of a bistro than a fast food restaurant, it featured potted plants, McDonald’s branded portholes, merlot-coloured accents, and staff described the food experience as "performance art.”

After expo

After failing to get approval to relocate the floating restaurant, it was moored unused in Burrard Inlet for years and eventually sold to developer Howard Meakin.  Major work has already been done to restore the McBarge, but much work is still ahead.  The fascination with this landmark has led to much speculation on what’s next, from restaurants to pubs to homeless shelters to the new Capilano University campus for the Sunshine Coast.

sailing on

Strategic alliances have been created to envision a one-of-a-kind adventure destination befitting BC’s SuperNatural setting.  Our community and followers will be invited to provide feedback and support as we head to new waters. Please subscribe today and become a follower on Twitter and Facebook for upcoming news and events and to help us spread the news.

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